Promoting Government Accountability
To foster civil initiatives.

Civic Education
Promoting Educational Initiatives
To support civic education initiatives.

Democratic Ideas and Values
Inspiring Student Activism
To promote dialogue among youth activists. 

Supporting Local Civic Initiatives
To encourage civic activism on local issues. 

Promoting Youth Activism
To support independent cultural activities for youth.

Popularizing Democratic Values in Belarus' Past
To foster ties between independently minded academics. 

Engaging New Civic Activists
To promote civic activism by commemorating important historical events. 

Promoting Independent Culture
To foster independent cultural activities.

Fostering a Better Understanding of Recent Belarusian History
To support independent research on important historical topics.

Freedom of Information
Assisting an Independent Journal
To support an independent journal. 

Supporting an Independent Newspaper
To assist an independent newspaper.  

Understanding Public Opinion
To better understand citizens’ views on democracy-related topics. 

Promoting Freedom of the Media (Supplement)
To monitor and foster freedom of the media. 

Expanding Freedom of Information
To expand access to independent publications. 

Supporting Local Publications
To build the capacity of independent publications. 

Promoting Local Civil Society
To foster local activism and independent publishing. 

Supporting Local News Portals
To increase the capacity of local news and information websites. 

Supporting Independent Regional Media

To strengthen a regional website and the skills of its journalists.

Expanding Access to Independent Media

To broaden the reach and impact of independent media. 

Supporting Local Media and Civic Initiatives

To promote local civic activism and independent journalism. 

Supporting an Independent Newspaper (Supplement)

To support an independent newspaper. 

Supporting an Independent Newspaper

To assist an independent newspaper. 

Assisting an Independent Newspaper
To support an independent newspaper. 

Supporting an Independent Media Outlet
To assist an independent newspaper.

Supporting the Independent Press

To support an independent newspaper.  

Supporting Independent News

To promote independent, objective information. 

Fostering Regional Media

To foster freedom of information on the local level. 

Supporting Independent Media

To support an independent newspaper.

Increasing Access to Independent Information

To assist regional and local newspapers.

Supporting an Independent Newspaper (Supplement)
To assist an independent newspaper.

Disseminating Independent News
To foster access to independent news and information. 

Supporting an Information Outlet
To support a local independent newspaper.

Human Rights
Fostering Educational Freedom
To promote educational reform.  

Fostering Freedom of Movement
To advocate for greater visa liberalization.  

Supporting Victims of Political Repression
To assist victims of political repression. 

Defending Human Rights and Assisting Repressed Activists
To monitor and defend human rights and support repressed activists. 

Promoting Human Rights and Legal Education
To educate young worker activists and promote freedom of association. 

Defending Human Rights
To assist persecuted activists and provide legal aid to citizens.

NGO Strengthening
Promoting Grassroots Democracy

To stimulate youth activism.  

Fostering Local Activism
Supporting local advocacy on quality of life issues. 

Strengthening Local Civil Society
To build the capacity and support local civic initiatives. 

Assisting Belarusian NGOs
To provide legal assistance to civil society.

Supporting the Third Sector
To strengthen and stimulate civil society. 

Supporting Regional Civil Society Development
To increase the capacity of regional civic initiatives. 

Increasing the Impact of the Belarusian Third Sector
To assist civil society in carrying out effective civic campaigns. 

Fostering Local Civic Initiatives
To stimulate local civil society. 

Promoting Civic Activism
To support local civil society. 

Fostering Local Civil Society 
To build the capacity of local NGOs and media outlets. 

Supporting Regional Civil Society Development
To develop and assist regional NGOs.

Supporting Local Civil Society (Supplement)
To strengthen local civic initiatives. 

Supporting Civil Society
To strengthen local NGOs.

Strengthening Regional Youth Initiatives
To increase the capacity and activities of youth NGOs.

Political Processes
Spotlighting Local Issues

To foster local activism on quality of life issues.

Strengthening Capacities for Citizen Outreach

To expand participation in and support for democratic processes.  

Promoting Activism and Freedom of Speech

To promote local civil society initiatives.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.