ProLiteracy Worldwide
Political Processes
Increasing Electoral Participation in Marginalized Communities
To increase electoral participation and civic engagement in marginalized communities, including indigenous women, the elderly and the disabled. ProLiteracy will provide the National Electoral Council with technical assistance and will assist in the development of education-based materials to reach underserved communities. ProLiteracy will use these materials to train indigenous women in three pilot provinces, and will provide follow-on as these leaders implement the training in their communities.

Supplement: $5,000
Promoting Citizen Monitoring
To develop an online tool to track the campaign promises of one or two newly-elected local governments. Focusing on five key areas of local governance, the organization will track and report progress towards the achievement of two concrete promises made during the campaign period.

Monitoring the Use of Public Resources in Government Advertising
To promote transparency in the use of public advertising resources in Ecuador. The organization will monitor the use of public resources on television advertising and use the data to educate the media, civil society organizations and the public at large on government spending. The organization hopes to foster an increased demand for accountability.

Promoting Government Transparency and Accountability
To promote transparency and accountability by collecting, systematizing and analyzing information on government corruption. The information will be used by investigative journalists to publish in-depth articles.

Strengthening Democratic Local Governance
To improve democratic governance and performance at the subnational level through the establishment of a local government training school. The organization will develop a local government training school to provide training and technical assistance to newly elected local authorities, and will facilitate dialogue and the exchange of experiences among democratic actors at the local level.

Promoting Citizen Oversight of Elected Officials
To promote increased transparency and accountability; and to foster citizen engagement in and oversight of elected authorities. The organization will produce legal and political analysis on key legislation, and develop an online tool to monitor the performance of elected authorities.

Strengthening Local Models of Effective, Transparent Government
To strengthen the ability of local elected officials to govern parishes, municipalities, and provinces in an effective and transparent manner; and to support municipal governments in their use of media and other resources to showcase models of effective, transparent government.

Civic Education
Encouraging Youth Leadership, Democratic Values, and Entrepreneurship
To promote democracy, civic participation, free markets, and leadership among youth to improve the economic, political, and institutional environment in Ecuador, the organization will educate 50 university students on democracy, free markets, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Conflict Resolution
Protecting the Rights of Human Rights and Environmental Defenders
To strengthen the capacity of indigenous leaders to understand and utilize international human rights mechanisms; and to raise domestic and international awareness on restrictions to freedom of association.

Democratic Ideas and Values
Facilitating Dialogue and Consensus on Democracy
To reduce polarization by promoting democratic debate, pluralistic analysis and consensus-building across the ideological spectrum.

Freedom of Information
Monitoring Freedom of Expression and the Press in Ecuador
To defend and protect journalists and freedom of expression in Ecuador. The organization will maintain a nationwide monitoring network and work to increase the reach and visibility of its alerts. The grantee will collaborate with human rights lawyers to litigate strategic freedom of expression cases before national and international courts.

Promoting Investigative Journalism
To promote freedom of expression and investigative journalism. . Working with a network of renowned journalists, the organization will publish news and investigative reports, and organize events to promote debate on relevant issues.

Human Rights
Monitoring Due Process and the Independence of the Judicial System
To monitor the performance and independence of the judiciary by documenting violations to human rights and due process; and to strengthen its institutional capacity and build relations with domestic and international partners. The organization will expand and consolidate its network of lawyers, and complete reports on cases that document political interference in the judicial system. The organization will also conduct public forums to increase dialogue on issues of human rights and due process.

Engaging Marginalized Communities in Policy-Making
To engage local underrepresented communities in the policy- making process, especially the new national development plan, natural resource management and land usage. The grantee will facilitate local working groups, facilitate dialogue, and develop alternative policy proposals that reflect community priorities. The conclusions and policy recommendations will be used as a tool of empowerment and engagement.

NGO Strengthening
Promoting Civil Society Participation in Public Policy Development
To promote civil society participation in public policy formulation and advocacy in five cities of Ecuador. Working with local NGO networks, the organization will strengthen the technical and networking capacity of the different civil society groups.

Promoting Civil Society Sustainability and Public Support
To increase the legitimacy of civil society by strengthening transparency, accountability and local outreach. The grantee will partner with a local university and develop workshops to increase the knowledge of NGOs and strengthen their work.

Rule of Law
Promoting Judicial Oversight and Accountability
To advocate for due process and increased judicial transparency in Ecuador. The organization will guide citizens on the need to monitor the judiciary and demand greater transparency.

Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.