Monitoring the Venezuelan National Assembly

To strengthen the work and increase the transparency and visibility of Venezuela’s  National Assembly.  To advocate for legislative initiatives to improve the quality of democracy and increase levels of legislative transparency.



Improving Good Governance in the Caracas Metropolitan Area

To strengthen the capacity of local authorities and public officials and to facilitate consensus on a legislative agenda at the local level. The organization will conduct a series of trainings on good governance for public officials and local council members.



Improving Local Governance and Citizen Participation

To promote good governance and citizen participation in selected municipalities. The group will train newly-elected mayors and city council members on their roles and responsibilities, and improve interactions with citizens. The group will conduct an assessment at the local level to develop training materials and will offer tools to address local political polarization.



Youth Monitoring

To encourage youth to monitor public resources and participate in citizen affairs. The organization will train a network of young leaders to monitor the performance and spending of local governments. The youth will also carry out local campaigns to demand transparency and respect for human rights.



Promoting Public Security Policies at the Local Level

To strengthen the capacity of local governments in developing and implementing effective citizen security policies. The organization will conduct a security analysis  and work with local authorities and civil society groups.



Combating Corruption

To promote transparency through the documentation of government corruption. The organization will complete an investigation on the state of government corruption in Venezuela, and publish its results.



Promoting Tools for Increased Citizen Participation

To promote citizen participation in local government decision-making and to strengthen the capacity of local governments to include citizen input in policy-making. The group will conduct a diagnosis of citizen participation practices and needs, and will develop tools to facilitate communication.


Civic Education


Promoting Activism under Censorship

To promote consensus building and dialogue among diverse political and social actors in Venezuela. The group will organize workshops to discuss areas of common interest identified by Venezuelans of all political views and socioeconomic backgrounds, and to offer training on the effective use of social and alternative media.



Promoting Youth Leadership in Underserved Communities

To promote participation and improve the democratic leadership skills of underserved youth. The organization will conduct a training program to enhance youth leadership skills and empower them to convey democratic ideas and values to their families and communities.



Encouraging Participation and Transforming the Electoral Culture

To consolidate the grantee’s nationwide youth network, focusing on expanding membership and participation of disenfranchised youth in lower income neighborhoods.  The organization will work to strengthen its network of volunteers in Venezuela and expand its model abroad.



Promoting Youth Participation and Freedom of Expression

To encourage youth across the country to monitor and defend human rights, especially freedom of expression. Through a series of training workshops and practical exercises, the organization will activate young leaders and volunteers to carry out activities supporting human rights.



Strengthening Local Leadership

The organization will train local leaders on issues of human rights, democracy, and mediation to play a role in bridging political divides.


Democratic Ideas and Values


Language and Democracy

To study, document, and demonstrate how Venezuela's governing regime misuses the language of democracy to weaken democratic institutions. The grantee will also educate the general public on how to use democratic dialogue to build a more peaceful and less divided society by publishing its findings and carrying out a series of awareness building workshops with journalists, university students, and civil society leaders.



Encouraging Issue-Based Policy Dialogues among National and Local Stakeholders

To support National Assembly members to engage in policy development on issues of importance to citizens and to fulfill their legislative roles to support national and local officials and civil society organizations as they engage citizens on issues of national concern.



Promoting Youth Participation in Local Governance

To promote the education and participation of young adults in the formulation and implementation of public policies. The grantee will conduct a youth leadership training program focused on citizen participation and the formulation of public policies. The grantee will also promote youth-related public policies among local elected officials.



Enhancing Democratic Dialogue through Legislative and Economic Analysis

To enhance the public-private democratic dialogue on the economic impact of major federal and local legislation and bolster the ability of Venezuela’s legislators, politicians, and civil society to develop effective strategies and techniques for responding to public policy proposals.


Freedom of Association

Supplement: $5,000

Promoting Dialogue and Democratic Values among Informal Sector Workers

With supplemental funding, the grantee will expand its monthly newspaper to five new communities. Each community will have a tailored version of the newspaper with local articles and covering issues of local concern.



Promoting Dialogue and Democratic Values among Informal Sector Workers

To promote democratic values among the leadership of workers in the informal economy and owners of micro-businesses.  The organization will identify and train a cadre of leaders of this sector in the values of consensus building, dialogue, free unionism, and citizen participation.



Promoting Labor Rights in Venezuela

To promote labor activism and respect for labor rights. The organization will complete an assessment on the labor landscape and develop a proposal for improving labor rights and responsibilities, and a social agenda that includes a strong labor component.


Freedom of Information


Monitoring Freedom of Expression

To defend freedom of expression and freedom of the press in Venezuela. The organization will monitor freedom of expression violations against journalists and report on them domestically and internationally.



Strengthening Local and Independent Journalism

To strengthen the capacity of local and independent journalists to play a more active role in defense of democracy. The group will conduct a series of training activities on investigative journalism and the use of social media.



Enhancing Strategic Communications Capacities of Political Organizations through Alternative Media Sources

To enhance the capacity of Venezuelan activists to develop effective communications strategies using mobile technologies, social media, and other ICTs. The program will train the activists who will then pass on the trainings to their organizations and multiply their impact.  The communications strategies will help the activists offer multiple and pluralistic perspectives and opinions to the public.



Promoting Citizen Journalism

To strengthen the technical capacity and promote freedom of expression and human rights among citizen journalists. The group will promote Twitter to generate and disseminate news.


Human Rights


Documenting Human Rights Violations

To document and disseminate information on the human rights situation. Working with a group of human rights advocates, the group will conduct on-site interviews with human rights victims, and will complete a final report.



Protecting Indigenous Human Rights

To advocate for public policies that address the needs of Venezuela's indigenous population. The organization will train indigenous leaders design policy proposals that respond to the needs of their communities and advocate for their implementation before public authorities. . In addition, the grantee will work to enhance the ability of indigenous groups to express their concerns through the use of social media.



Monitoring and Reporting on Social Conflicts

To monitor and report on social conflicts in Venezuela. The organization will monitor conflicts and publish reports, which will be disseminated through traditional and social media.



Monitoring Prison Conditions

To monitor and report on the conditions of Venezuelan prisons. The organization will collect data, conduct on-site interviews and analyze information on the conditions of prisons, and. draft a report and recommendations.



Promoting Human Rights and Raising International Awareness about Venezuela

To promote human rights through art. The group will support the organization of a festival to raise awareness of deteriorating conditions in Venezuela.



Promoting Human Rights in Anzoátegui

To promote a greater understanding of human rights for the families of victims of police abuse. The group will provide training on the need to respect human rights.  It will also work with victims' families to seek reparations.



Human Rights and Public Security

To promote the use of international standards in citizen security and human rights; and to protect the rights of victims of violence. The organization will monitor citizen security, extrajudicial killings, impunity and human rights in Venezuela, and litigate emblematic cases of human rights violations . The organization will complete a report on the right to life and personal integrity in Venezuela.


Political Processes


Strengthening Local Governance by Promoting Democratic Principles

To strengthen the democratic leadership, governance and negotiation skills of newly-elected local authorities; and to facilitate communication and exchange among different citizen groups. The grantee will work in 20 municipalities to promote improved local governance and empower newly elected officials and citizen groups. The grantee will train local groups to identify issues that could lead to conflict and develop communication tools that channel and respond to these concerns.



Promoting Greater Oversight of Elections

To maintain and strengthen a wide network of citizens who worked in polling stations in past elections. The members of the network will provide voting and civic education to members of their respective communities.


Rule of Law


Promoting Access to Justice and Public Services

To provide pro bono assistance and information to citizens seeking to resolve legal cases in underserved communities in Venezuela.  The grantee will organize legal advice sessions to document the specifics of each case, provide citizens with information about their fundamental rights, and detail opportunities available for legal defense. They will also raise awareness among the legal community in Venezuela about the benefits of conducting pro bono work.


Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.