Center for International Private Enterprise

Democratic Ideas and Values


Fostering Democratic Dialogue on Economic Issues

To assist a broad-based group of opinion leaders and stakeholders at the national and local levels to continue to engage in dialogue on urgent institutional reform priorities for Egypt's transition to democracy. This dialogue will take place through three channels: a diverse group of entrepreneur-activists that make up CIPE's Young Leaders Forum; local entrepreneurs in Gharbeya advancing a vision for regional reform and revitalization; and the national-level multi-partisan stakeholder dialogue of CIPE's New Egypt Forum.

Center for International Private Enterprise

Developing Market Economy


Strengthening the Independent Voice of the Private Sector

To strengthen the independent voice of the private sector in Egypt through reform of the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI), and to engage the public and private sectors in dialogue to advance free market economic reforms. CIPE will work with FEI's board and staff to conduct a baseline assessment and then develop and implement a plan for organizational reform.  CIPE will also assist FEI in developing and advocating for a policy paper on opportunities and challenges facing Egyptian industry in Egypt's current transition.



Promoting Budget Transparency

To promote accountability and transparency concerning the national budget. The grantee will conduct research on an ongoing basis and produce an annual report that analyzes available information about budget allocations and actual expenditures.  The project will also include advocacy for greater budget transparency.


Local Community Media

To provide a local media platform in Upper Egypt that serves the community and promotes diversity, pluralism and information accessibility.  The project will enrich an online news platform and launch an initiative to focus attention to the underserved Upper Egypt region through visually compelling information, profiles of local leaders in a variety of fields, book reviews, and videos and photographs depicting life in Upper Egypt, past and present.  The organization will publish 144 content pieces per month on news reports and investigative pieces covering a wide range of local social, economic, political and cultural issues.


Monitoring Land and Housing Rights in Greater Cairo

To protect land and housing rights and ensure greater transparency in the implementation of urban development plans in three governorates in Egypt. The organization will monitor, document and disseminate information on public policies on land and housing rights violations. It will engage with community members and grassroots civic groups in the affected areas to solicit their priorities, recommendations and alterative visions for urban development policies and practices.  The organization will publish quarterly reports and a final report identifying alternative policies and solutions.


Promoting Transparent Legislative Processes

To promote accountable and transparent legislative processes in Egypt. The organization will monitor Egypt's People's Assembly, attending and documenting parliamentary sessions on proposed legislation. The organization will collect data from parliamentary public records, and distribute 500 copies of two semi-annual 18-page monitoring reports. It will also hold 12 seminars on forthcoming legislative amendments.


Advocating Education Sector Reform

To strengthen the capacity of a nascent independent teachers’ union, build a coalition of community pressure groups, and advocate for more effective education reforms.


Promoting Citizen Engagement in Governance

To strengthen citizen oversight over and engagement with local government and elected parliamentarians. The organization will strengthen the capacity of three popular citizen committees. It will equip 75 committee members with leadership skills, and enhance their monitoring and advocacy efforts targeting local authorities and parliamentarians. The popular committees will engage their communities in assessing the performance of their newly elected parliamentarians and local council members.


Youth Engagement in Local Government Monitoring

To build the capacity of youth leaders to engage in monitoring local government and combat corruption in local government institutions. The organization will lead six workshops for 90 youth on monitoring human rights abuses and corruption in local government institutions in Upper Egypt.  It will support youth monitoring groups, publish monthly reports on corruption and human rights violations, facilitate monthly forums with local media and government officials to discuss and raise awareness on the issues, and provide legal assistance to victims of human rights violations.


Citizen Engagement in Local Governance

To build the capacity of local NGOs, youth and women leaders in monitoring local governance and advocating reform in Egypt. The organization will strengthen the capacity of four local NGOs to advocate for greater responsiveness to citizens' priorities on the part of local authorities. The organization will train 20 NGO leaders on community organizing, citizens' civil rights, avenues for influencing policy and decision-making at the local level, and women's rights.  It will also hold nine planning workshops for 20 participants on leadership skills and mechanisms related to monitoring local government.

Civic Education


Empowering Civil Society in Combatting Corruption

To strengthen the capacity of CSOs to combat corruption, raise the awareness of citizens on corruption issues, and promote a culture of accountability.  The project will include a series of training workshops on monitoring and outreach skills.


Mobilizing Youth to Become Agents of Change

To promote civic rights principles within youth-led community-based organizations in Upper Egypt. The organization will run four multi-day workshops on leadership and community organizing skills for 60 youth from three governorates and train 12 youth to become local trainers.


Civic Participation in Upper Egypt

To strengthen the political role and participation of traditionally marginalized youth in Upper Egypt, and build the capacity of a newly established NGO that has the potential to become a hub for civic organizing and education. The project will support a series of educational and civic initiatives.

Conflict Resolution


Religious Clerics as Advocates for Democracy

To engage Muslim and Christian religious clerics in promoting pluralism and tolerance in Egypt. The organization will conduct two multi-day workshops for Muslim and Christian clerics on promoting tolerance, peaceful co-existence and democratic reform in their communities. It will then mentor the trained clerics in implementing six community initiatives to address related problems.

Democratic Ideas and Values


Promoting Civil Society

To mobilize political support for the civil society sector in Egypt. The organization will survey the attitudes of 20 political parties towards civil society organizations, and run two three-day workshops for 30 political party and civil society organization representatives to develop recommendations on amending the NGO law of 2002 in order to enhance and protect civil society space.


Promoting Youth Dialogue

To promote youth participation in fostering peaceful dialogue. The grantee will hold 10 one-day discussion forums on pluralism and peace and run an awareness campaign on the need for respect for nonviolence and openness to dialogue.  It will also support a nascent anti-violence network of local civil society actors in Egypt.


Promote Youth Engagement in Decision-Making

To promote youth leadership on social advocacy. The organization will train 25 youth leaders on policy analysis of community issues in Upper Egypt. It will lead nine weekly one-day workshops on developing policy briefs and facilitate two public debates, in which youth leaders will advocate for their causes and make policy recommendations.

Freedom of Association


Supporting Independent Professional Associations

To promote the right to form free and independent professional associations, and build the capacity of a network of independent professional associations.


Empowering Women in Professional Associations

To strengthen women's leadership and participation in the decision-making processes of local and national-level professional associations. The grantee will lead four multi-day skills workshops for women in the leadership of key association federations, three multi-day trainings for new women members of professional associations, and five consultative sessions for selected individual organizations.


Freedom of Association in Rural Communities

To build the capacity of Egyptian NGOs and independent trade unions working to promote freedom of association in rural communities and share best practices from successful experiences elsewhere.  The organization will conduct two study visits for Egyptian partners to Morocco and provide them with mentoring in organizing and advocating for agricultural workers rights.  It will also assist the partners in leading three training workshops for newly established unions and three seminars for 150 agricultural workers from the Delta region.

Freedom of Information


Supporting Local Independent Media

To enhance the capacity of journalists to understand and uphold their rights and responsibilities, and advocate for respect for the basic principles of press freedom. The grantee will train 150 media professionals about their legal rights, provide legal assistance through a network of legal defenders, and highlight current issues related to press freedom.


Promoting Professional Media Practices

To enhance the skills of journalists in professional, quality, and ethical electronic media journalism; and build the capacity of a new NGO promoting independent media.


Promoting Professional Journalism

To promote greater media neutrality and credibility in reporting on political developments in Egypt during parliamentary and local council elections. The organization will analyze coverage of political developments and news in a diverse range of print and online news sources. It will train 125 young journalists from three governorates on professional and neutral reporting on political issues, especially as they pertain to parliamentary and local council elections.

Human Rights


Supporting Human Rights Activists

To build the capacity of a new generation of human rights defenders. The organization will monitor and document human rights violations related to freedom of expression and opinion, including prisoners of conscience. It will produce 48 weekly informational video bulletins on human rights violations and explicate weekly one case in a simplified format that speaks to the broader society.

Political Processes


Women's Political Participation

To build the capacity of women candidates in five governorates in forthcoming municipal elections. The organization will train 100 young female leaders running for local council elections in five governorates. It will also build and consolidate a network of trained facilitators who will mentor the women candidates during the election period.


Promoting Youth Political Leaders

To strengthen youth leadership at the local level in Egypt. The organization will build the capacity of 60 youth candidates and party representatives running for local council elections in two governorates. It will also produce a policy paper recommending amendments to the local council law in line with the 2014 constitution, and support a youth-led advocacy campaign supporting the changes.


Supporting Women’s Political Participation

To strengthen women's political leadership and participation in decision-making processes. The organization will train 60 women leaders running for local council elections in six governorates. It will also train 20 local journalists on gender balanced reporting during local elections, and lead a national campaign to advocate for equal opportunities for women participation in the political decision-making process.

Strengthening Political Institutions


Women's Political Leadership

To strengthen women's participation and leadership in political parties and elections.  The project will train 50 women leaders seeking to run in parliamentary and local council elections in six governorates and build the capacity of 40 journalists on the role of the media in conducting balanced reporting during elections, disseminating knowledge and awareness on women political leaders, and conducting reporting from a gender balanced perspective.

Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.